When is it wise to place an account with legal counsel?
Generally speaking, if the patient or third-party payer is represented by an attorney the provider should also be represented. Insurance companies may incorrectly deny or delay payment on high-dollar accounts. The longer these claims are delayed, the harder it becomes to collect on these accounts. Likewise, patients may not comply in completing forms required by insurers, which can further delay payments to providers. At Audley Law, we will determine the issues underlying denial or delay of payment of claims, and can expedite the processes required for prompt payment. 

How can we expedite the process of healthcare revenue recovery?
We will identify the payer or payers who are legally responsible, and enforce the providers’ right to payment in a timely and efficient manner. Audley Law will:

  • Free up your staff’s time to work on accounts that are not as labor intensive.
  • Decrease your days in receivable and for those that are being litigated, will assume all follow up
  • Collect on accounts that were previously written off to bad debt.
  • Provide you with customized reports based on your organization’s needs.
  • Find money previously left on the table.


We take pride in our responsiveness and service to our clients.

From confidential consultation to legal representation, our experienced team of attorneys are prepared to assist you or your organization in achieving the best outcome. Since 2003, Audley Law Offices, P.C. has represented hospitals, healthcare Providers, and individuals in Pennsylvania and now offers its services in Ohio and West Virginia.

Over the past 13 years, Audley Law Offices’ Healthcare Revenue Recovery division has recovered over thirty million dollars of unpaid account balances that were previously written off to bad debt. Our strategy of in-depth analysis, professional collection services, and legal action that yields a high collection rate without garnering a negative or counter-productive public image. This coordinated approach also enables us to provide our clients with detailed information and reports customized to their organization’s needs.