Since 2003, the Audley Law Offices Healthcare Recovery division has consistently recovered millions of dollars annually on health systems complex accounts. The average age of these accounts is over 300 days from discharge and were previously written off to bad debt.
Healthcare Revenue Recovery

Hospitals and healthcare providers today face significant challenges in third party reimbursement and receivables management, with unpaid balances amounting to millions of dollars every year. Their collection practices must comply with a variety of state and federal laws that regulate collection practices and access to patient health information. The obligation to pay for medical care arises from legal relationships between medical providers, patients and third-party payers. The people at Audley Law know how to use the law to enforce these obligations.

Our goal is to settle as many cases prior to litigating. However, if we need to litigate a matter, we are prepared to do so. As many of our clients are community-based, we are particularly sensitive to the charitable mission of our clients, while pursuing the optimal reimbursement available. We mainly pursue insurers and other third party sources and involve patients when it is their lack of cooperation that is holding up payment. Many times, patients do not respond to hospital letters requesting cooperation in matters. When they receive a letter from an attorney, it often times alerts them to the severity of the matter.

We have summarized the main areas that we can help our clients achieve optimal reimbursement as follows:

Health Insurance Claims Disputes

Uncooperative Patients

Third Party Liability

General Provider Agreement Matters

Bad Debt/Zero Balance Accounts