Have you been injured at work? If you have been injured in an automobile accident, from a fall in a store or other place of business, you may be entitled to be compensated for pain and suffering and other damages that result from your injury.

When clients come to us, we know they are experiencing one the most traumatic, confusing times of their life. We consider it our responsibility to act as legal guidance for our clients, helping them through every step of the case to their victory. Audley Law Offices has extensive experience representing injured workers and their families. Our attorneys are available to provide legal guidance and representation to ensure you receive appropriate medical care, wage assistance, or death benefits.

At Audley Law, we work with you to determine:
– If a claim exists against your employer and its workers’ compensation insurance carrier
– If you are entitled to wage loss and medical payment benefits
– If your case should be settled for a lump sum payment and
– If your employer’s termination or suspension of your benefits was proper.

Audley Law Offices has successfully represented clients in cases involving a variety of injuries and circumstances, including car accidents, bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, injuries resulting from manufacture defects, and medical professional malpractice.

Once we have developed a strong understanding of your case, we will fight for you both in establishing your right to benefits or in preserving benefits your employer is seeking to discontinue and in any appeals from decisions affecting your benefits. Audley Law attorneys have represented injured workers in Pennsylvania since 1990.

If you are interested in learning more, please refer to our list of frequently asked questions to the right or contact us at ​412-532-0089 for a consultation.