Third party payers can present a unique set of challenges to healthcare providers due to strict filing deadlines, deceptive settlement practices, varying state laws and time-consuming litigation. Patients often find it difficult to navigate the maze of paperwork required to process claims that arise in situations such as automobile accidents, work-related injuries and personal injury claims causing significant delays in related cash flow and reimbursement losses.


We aggressively pursue the third party payers in an effort to preserve the healthcare providers right to payment during the underlying litigation. We will closely monitor the status of the underlying workers’ compensation, automobile injury, or personal injury claim to ensure the provider’s claim is processed accurately and timely. Also, we will work closely with the patient when needed to assist them with completion of all required forms and documents.

We will work with your organization to establish the account selection criteria for these at-risk accounts, including applicable payers, age of account, dollar value, etc. Once these account qualifiers have been discussed and confirmed, Audley Law Offices will directly participate with organization in setting a monthly referral to ensure timely and effective resolution of all future accounts.

You will have assured confidence that these types of accounts will be identified in a timely fashion and worked in an effective manner by our experienced professionals. Your in-house staff will have more time to address their daily work queues; related write-offs will drop and cash flow will improve!

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