Hospitals often experience insurance payment delays and/or denials from third party insurance payers due to patient’s lack of cooperation with insurer’s information request. Also, patients sometimes provide incorrect personal information and/or incorrect insurance information. Patients are often unwilling to complete the paperwork necessary to correct the erroneous information leaving healthcare providers with large unpaid claims.


We are compassionate, but persistent with patients in helping them to understand the importance of completing and returning all necessary paperwork in an accurate and timely manner. Our expert staff will often assist patients with completion of the necessary paperwork to ensure the provider claims is paid.

We will work with your organization to establish the account selection criteria for these at-risk accounts, including applicable payers, age of account, dollar value, etc. Once these account qualifiers have been discussed and confirmed, ALO will directly participate with organization in setting a monthly referral to ensure timely and effective resolution of all future accounts.

We will help your organization to increase revenue by expertly dealing with uncooperative patients so that problem accounts will not languish in your aged receivables, placed with a bad debt collection agency or written off. You will have assured confidence that these types of accounts will be identified in a timely fashion and worked in an effective manner by our experienced professionals. Your in-house staff will have more time to address their daily work queues; related write-offs will drop and cash flow will improve!

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