Audley Law 2016

Welcome to Audley Law Offices, P.C.

We take pride in our responsiveness and service to our clients. From confidential consultation to legal representation, our experienced team is prepared to assist you or your organization in achieving the best outcome. Our Health Revenue Recovery division has with hospitals and health care providers, and recovered over thirty million dollars of unpaid account balances that were previously written off to bad debt.

Audley Law has developed a strategy of in-depth analysis, professional collection services, and legal action that yields a high collection rate without garnering a negative or counter-productive public image. This coordinated approach also enables us to provide our clients with detailed information and reports customized to their organization’s needs.

Legal Counsel for Individuals and Small Businesses In addition to its large health care practice, Audley Law works with individuals and small businesses in need of legal consultation or representation. We help individuals in the areas of: estate planning, workers’ compensation, small business and personal injury. We also counsel businesses in their initial organization, employee relations, contract disputes and collection matters.