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Revenue Cycle Advocacy

At Audley Law, We Advocate On Behalf Of Health Care Systems

 To assure that insurance companies and other parties responsible for the cost of medical services pay in accordance with the contracts, statutes and regulations that govern payment so that our clients receive the optimal reimbursement legally available.

Revenue Cycle Advocacy

Hospitals and healthcare providers today face significant challenges in third party reimbursement and receivables management, with unpaid balances amounting to millions of dollars every year. Their revenue cycle services must comply with a variety of state and federal laws that regulate debt collection practices, access to patient health information and allow them to maintain their non-profit status.


The obligation to pay for medical care arises from legal relationships between medical providers, patients and third-party payers.  Audley Law knows how to use the law to enforce these obligations.


• Attorney review on all accounts
• Patient-centric payment resolutions
• Maintaining clients’ charitable mission
• Case handling geared toward settling prior to litigation
• Litigation when necessary
• Regular status updates to hospitals/transparency
• Identification of trends and proposed solutions to hospitals
• Regular follow-ups
• Navigating and managing relationships in the healthcare industry

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Why We succeed

The Audley Law Offices Healthcare Recovery division has consistently recovered millions of dollars annually on health systems complex accounts. Many of these accounts were aged 300 days plus from discharge date and were previously written off to bad debt.


Our strategy of in-depth analysis, professional recovery services, and legal action yields a high recovery rate without garnering a negative or counter-productive public image. This coordinated approach also enables us to provide our clients with detailed information and reports customized to their organization’s needs.

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Our Primary focus:

Complex Claims

Whether Revenue Cycle Operations are in-house or outsourced, Audley Law partners with clients to complement existing workflows and systems to achieve the highest level of reimbursement. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to resolving high dollar complex accounts that are tying up valuable time and resources. Our staff has a proven track record of overturning improper denials. We have successfully resolved many accounts that would have been written off to bad debt.

Our office is also sensitive to the charitable mission of hospitals and health systems and provides our services without compromising that mission. At the end of each month, our clients are provided with a detailed report that sets forth our overall performance as well as an up to date account of the specific matters we are working on and the current status.

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