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Complex Claims

Whether Revenue Cycle Operations are in-house or outsourced, Audley Law partners with clients to complement existing workflows and systems to achieve the highest level of reimbursement. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to resolving high dollar complex accounts that are tying up valuable time and resources. Our staff has a proven track record of overturning improper denials. We have successfully resolved many accounts that would have been written off to bad debt. Our office is also sensitive to the charitable mission of hospitals and health systems and provides our services without compromising that mission. At the end of each month, our clients are provided with a detailed report that sets forth our overall performance as well as an up to date account of the specific matters were are we are working and the current status.

Audley Revenue Solutions is a partner of Audley Law offering assistance outside Pennsylvania and Ohio to large health systems in resolving complex accounts that do not require litigation. Audley Revenue Solutions is owned and operated by Sean P. Audley and Silvana Audley.

Our Service Areas

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Coordination of Benefits Matters
  • Eligibility Matters
  • Estate Matters/Decendents
  • Governmental Appeals (Medicare, Medical Assistance and Veteran’s Claims)
  • General Health Insurance Disputes/Trends
  • Inappropriate Denials/Delays in Payment
  • Litigation
  • Out of Network Denials
  • Patient Cooperation
  • Pre-Existing Denials
  • Provider Service Agreement Disputes
  • Referenced Based Pricing 
  • Retracted Payment Disputes
  • Slow Pay
  • Stop Loss/Delays in Payments
  • Subrogation Matters
  • Third Party Liability Matters
  • Veterans Administration
  • Workers’ Compensation Matters

Pittsburgh, PA

Cleveland, OH

Minneapolis, MN

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